Pristine Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands, Australia   Pristine Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands

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Stop Ocean Pollution!  

This year we achieved the elimination of single use plastic in our stores and great headway has been made reducing the use of single use shopping bags throughout Australia.

Did you know that disposable coffee cups are the second most disposed of item in Australia with over 2.6 billion being thrown away each year.  And whilst they're called disposable and appear to be made of paper,  the plastic waterproof lining means only a tiny proportion are recycled.   They're one of the most commonly found items in beach clean ups around the world.Ecodownunder Reusable Coffee Cups

 We're determined to help stop ocean pollution. 

So with orders over $50 (so we can cover postage!) we'd like to send you a reusable coffee cup to enjoy with your morning takeaway!  If you'd like one of our cups be sure to use 

promo code CUP

at checkout! Whilst stocks last.

 Eliminating Plastic Packaging from our Stores: read more about why we did it......

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