The Finishing Touches: The Choice is Yours!

And it doesn't have to cost the earth. Snuggle down under a quilt designed for winter or use the all season approach and layer up with throws and coverlets. But always select natural fibres.  

layering with textured fibres

Once you’ve got the basics right, layer up with colours and textures!

It’s easy to get the basics right! Soft and smooth luxury sateen sheets, now available in a new range of colours instore designed to work wonders in livening up your bedroom in winter.   Good quality
sheets are an everyday essential that we all deserve and the first step to setting up
a good night sleep!   Luxury Sateen Sheets in new colours

What comes next can be tricky, particularly when you love neutrals.

We’re half way through Winter according to the seasonal calendar.  If you haven’t really got around to sorting out your bed for the cold weather yet, it may now feel like it’s not worth it. But winter’s not over!

If you’ve been eking out your autumn bedding and wearing extra layers instead of snuggling under extra layers, we have great alternatives to buying winter duck down quilts or winter wool quilts at this stage in the season.

Add layers.  It’s the cost-effective approach!

With your favourite luxury sateen or classic organic cotton sheets on the bed, layering up with accent colours and textures helps to create a modern, lived in and relaxed look that’s inviting and cosy. 

Research shows the powerfu
l association between the sense of touch and the emotions of comfort and warmth; that memorable experience of hopping into a soft and smooth bed at the end of the day.  The feel of the fabric is key, which is why we’re attracted to crisp cotton sheets mid-summer and soft and cosy sheets during winter. 

At Ecodownunder we always choose to layer with natural fibres. Who after all would choose to sleep in synthetics if they were aware that microfibres, or polyester and acrylic were indeed just plastic spun into textile form. In addition to the health and comfort factor of sleeping in plastic, we’re also concerned about twaffle and knit textureshe level of plastic pollution in our oceans, the source of much of which are the tiny microfibers shed from the synthetic clothes you wear and bedding you sleep more about the hidden threat of micro fibers

If you choose natural fibres for all the layers in your bed, you get the full benefit of their inherent natural properties, allowing them to work together in keeping you warm or cool rather than in conflict with one another.  You might for example have beautiful pure cotton luxury sateen sheets on your bed but if you top these with a quilt with a synthetic filling, such as microfiber/polyester  the benefit of sleeping in pure cotton is removed.  This is because whilst your sheets can breathe, the synthetic quilt does not allow the same movement of air, trapping moisture which because it can’t evaporate, will make you feel uncomfortable and clammy in bed.   

A wool quilt in contrast, is great through the seasons as it has good breathability in addition to temperature regulating properties which keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Layering with cottons, linens and wool means the beautiful qualities of these natural fibres remain intact.

An all seasons wool quilt is a great purchase at any time of year.  In the middle of winter, we recommend you wrap your quilt in a textured quilt cover to create a feeling of cosiness and more warmth in bed.  Our new rib cotton or classic organic waffle cotton quilt covers provide a richness of texture, that allows you to use white on white, without looking bland and adds extra warmth and cosiness, thanks to the variation in the weave.

And what’s more, if you choose a more textured warm quilt cover in the winter months, it’s really good value for money as you get to use it as the seasons change.  It doubles up perfectly as a light bed cover on its own when the warmer nights arrive.

But focussing on this winter if extra layers are still needed, depending on where you live in Australia, or the temperature you Quilted cotton coverlets add layers of warmth through the seasonskeep your bedroom at night, then topping your bed with a quilted cotton coverlet, or cotton waffle coverlet is a finishing touch loved by stylists for the new dimensionit adds.

Knitted cotton and alpaca throws have a similar effect. 

An alpaca throw adds so much warmth without the weight and a touch of luxury too.  And again, a quilted cotton coverlet or waffle throw is a perfect bed covering during summer which means your purchases now can last you through the year.


Textures and layers take on added importance in a room full of neutral tones.  By adding a visual dimension, they add a depth of interest to a room that could seem bland and uninteresting if all the fabric was the same.                                                                                                                            

waffle and rib textures add a warm and cosy feel to a bed                                                                     white waffle cotton quilt on white sheets

   If you love white bedding as we do, white on white is timeless and sophisticated when different textures are layered to create interest and warmth.   



At this time of year, it’s all about layering, using textured natural fibres, wool, cotton and linen, to create a luxury feel.  Neutral tones are timeless, and cushions, throws and quilt covers in complementary tones can add a splash of colour and life. 

Sneakers on the bed

We’re well past the winter solstice so make the most of these good nights for sleeping.               

Get the temperature right in bed, layering up with natural fibres to take you through the seasons. 

And if you're still not warm enough, add one dog!


Layer up for Winter Choosing Natural Fibers
Waffle Cotton Quilt Covers     Rib Cotton Quilt Covers   
Quilted Cotton Coverlets      Waffle Cotton Throws     Alpaca Throws