Beware of Easy Care!

What to look for when you’re choosing new bed sheets.

Natural fibres

Natural fibres

Natural fibres

Cotton or  linen sheets, most people agree are the best sheets to sleep in. 

We love the relaxed and crumpled look of linen and as busy people, embrace pure clean un-ironed cotton sheets on our beds!   Historically, sheets were of a lower quality and creased more easily. Over the years we've improved the construction of our sheets  to create  high quality, tighty woven sheets that reduce creasing the natural way and look as good as they feel!

A word of warning when you’re buying sheets.

When a sheet is described as wrinkle resistant it usually either contains a percentage of synthetic fibre such as polyester or has been given a  “ wrinkle free treatment” which  means it has been dipped in chemicals such as a formaldehyde based  resin to coat the fabric and prevent creasing.  

The easy care finishing treatment is designed to cling to the fabric as long as possible, but of course it gradually rubs off on you whilst you sleep and the toxins can be absorbed by your body through your skin.  And the chemicals are gradually released each time you wash the sheets.  But they don’t disappear, they end up in the grey water and ultimately find their way into the sea and possibly back inside you via the fish that you eat!

Formaldehyde is naturally occurring however exposure to quantities are known to be bad for our health.  As long ago as 1987, the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) labelled the chemical as a probable human carcinogen.

So when choosing new sheets, we highly recommend you read and understand the small print. Manufacturers use terms to help sell their wrinkle resistant bedding that disguise the process.

The following terms have alarm bells attached:

Cotton rich  - means it’s not pure cotton and contains a percentage of a synthetic fibre.  The same applies to:

80/20 cotton poly

Rich in cotton

Cotton blend

Descriptions such as easy-care cotton sheets,  may not be 100% cotton.  They may include a synthetic percentage and/or have been chemically treated. Also watch out for:

Wrinkle resistance

Wrinkle free

Wrinkle, stain and fade resistant




Ecodownunder sheets and towels are either organic cotton or eco cotton which means they’re produced without the use of synthetics, harsh chemicals and toxic dyes.  They’re not coated in chemicals which allows them to breathe, which makes them so much more comfortable to sleep in. 


   Choose Eco Cotton Sheets or Pure Organic Cotton Sheets, available as Fitted, Flat or Save when you Buy a Sheet Set.