Coal or Coral? 

 Where we’re at with Adani: Update

The Adani mine planned for Carmichael, Queensland, has been given most of the approvals it needs and this week, according to Karan Adani, the company has “completed financing on the mine.”  This may not be strictly true and financing may not be quite in place but it means there’s a very small window remaining to #STOPADANI.

Sea Shepherd Operation Reef Defence launches this weekend 

Flagship vessel,  the M/Y Steve Irwin, sails into Circular Quay around lunchtime on Friday 20th July. 

After a weekend campaigning in Sydney, the Steve Irwin will travel up the NSW and Queensland coast
to raise awareness about the threats to the Great Barrier Reef that the proposed Adani coal mine will have,
if it goes ahead.

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Steve Irwin Ship Tours Poster 

Operation Reef Defence Dates 

Ports of Call: SYDNEY 20-22 July | BRISBANE 29-30 July 
Ship at Anchor: COFFS HARBOUR 24 July | BYRON BAY 27 July 
GOLD COAST 28 July | NOOSA 31 July | YEPPOON 4 August | MACKAY 5 August

 A few of the reasons why we should #StopAdani

 Impact on the Great Barrier Reef through climate change and disruption. 

  • - The Reef is a globally significant natural wonder, was World Heritage listed in 1981, supports a $6 billion tourism industry and 69,000 jobs.

  • - The coal port expansion needed to export this coal through the Great Barrier Reef would require a massive dredging  program. This is notoriously problematic for surrounding coral; as it stirs sediment, the water quality is degraded and coral are starved of sunlight. Dredging will also destroy important habitat, like seagrass beds, and kill marine life.

  • - Excessive coal dust can also cause coral bleaching, which is already occurring along the reef, resulting in the loss of breeding grounds for marine life, like humpback whales, who migrate through the Great Barrier Reef to calve.
    The mine will bring an extra 500 coal ships through the Great Barrier Reef each year, increasing the risk of collisions and spills.

  • - Burning the coal, no matter where in the world, will worsen climate change which is already causing the Great Barrier Reef to bleach and die.

  • - If it goes ahead, Adani’s mine would be Australia’s biggest ever coal mine and one of the largest in the world.  It will produce 2.3billion tonnes of coal, mainly for export to India, and pump 4.7 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.  Australia is already the largest exporter of coal in the world. We export climate change to the world. Climate Change is putting the Great Barrier Reef at risk with 30% of the coral now dead following bleaching events in 2016 and 2017.

 These are just a few of the many reasons that you must Stop Adani and make sure this environmental catastrophe does not go ahead.

 Why is Sea Shepherd part of the Stop Adani Alliance?Sea Shepherd Crew

  "Sea Shepherd is most well-known for defending the whales in their Antarctic feeding grounds, however the place where they are born, their home in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef face an even bigger threat than the Japanese whaling fleet in the form of Adani’s proposed Carmichael coal mine,” Jeff Hansen, Managing Director, Sea Shepherd Australia, said.

 “The increase in vessel traffic causing ship strikes, spills and noise pollution will have a catastrophic impact on Australia’s whales. If the Australian government will not oppose whaling by Japan, the very least it can do is protect the whales birthing grounds and put an end to this madness of the Adani coal mine.

 “Recent polls show that the majority of Australians oppose the Adani coal mine and why shouldn’t they with such a corrupt and dishonest operator, who has already polluted our Great Barrier Reef, shows no regard to the health of our planet, and is cosying up to our government for an almost one billion dollar concessional loan of Australian tax payers money.  On top of that, the negligible jobs on the table put at risk 64,000 indirect and direct jobs the Great Barrier Reef creates," Mr Hansen stated.

  “Sea Shepherd’s flagship vessel, the Steve Irwin has defended the whales in their Antarctic feeding grounds for over a decade and protected the whales off the Kimberley coast and the Great Australian Bight. Once more the Steve Irwin will defend the whales, this time in the Great Barrier Reef on Operation Reef Defence, in opposition to Adani’s coal mine, with an urgent engine overhaul underway.


  “Given most of the air we breathe comes from our oceans, they truly are our life support system. However through the burning of fossil fuels our oceans are warming and becoming more acidic, having a massive impact on our Great Barrier Reef, phytoplankton and the overall health of our ocean ecosystems. Quite simply, our planet’s ability to support life hangs by a thread, and if we want to have a liveable climate in the future for our children, we can simply not allow this Adani coal mine to go ahead. Losing this one is not an option,” Mr Hansen said .Sea Shepherd Australia is part of the Stop Adani Alliance, a campaign that is fast becoming the biggest movement in the country, a growing network of organisations who stand together to stop the Adani Carmichael coal mine, rail and port project.

 For more information on why Sea Shepherd is joining the fight to stop Adani, please visit their

To find out what you can do to help #STOPADANI visit STOP ADANI

 Climate Change threatens not only our oceans but our very way of life.ecodownunder team are  supporters of Sea Shepherd

 Ecodownunder offfice and warehouse team are big supporters of Sea Shepherd.

 "We cannot look our grandchildren in the eye and say we watched the Great Barrier Reef die and did nothing." Russell Lamb, founder, ecodownunder 

                                                     turtle                          Turtles, albatross, dugongs, sea snakes,whales, dolphins, sharks and seahorses are among the threaened species, affected by changes in the Great Barrier Reef.

 Choose Coral not Coal

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Russell Lamb and Beverley Tilbury from Ecodownunder are participating in the Reef Defense Campaign.  Folllow us on FB for updates this week from the Steve Irwin