Should I use a Mattress Protector?

 3 very good reasons why you should use a mattress protector!

If you’re investing in a new mattress and pillows, don’t skimp on the mattress and pillow protectors.   Mattresses can be an expensive purchase and they're certainly an infrequent one.  It’s a false economy not to buy a new mattress protector to help protect and conserve your new mattress.

A mattress protector can:

zz extend the life of your mattress by many years by keeping it clean                        Pure Cotton Msttress Protector     

zzzz  provide a much more comfortable night sleep

z zzz  protect you from dust mites, allergens and other bodily detritus which builds up in your mattress over time.

A mattress protector protects you from the billions of bacteria, discarded skin cells which attract dust mites and other allergens that build up in your mattress over the years.  For those that suffer from allergies or are asthmatic, it’s widely believed that a mattress protector can help to reduce the reactions to these irritants, aptly named a “zoologic park” by New York University microbiologist Philip Tierno.  He wouldn’t sleep without a mattress protector for these reasons!

Keeping your mattress and pillows fresh and clean by using a protective cover ensures they provide long lasting comfort and help you to get a good nights sleep.

Some people advocate a waterproof mattress protector.  This is where Ecodownunder is  different.  Synthetics, even though they’ve come a long way in their level of comfort are actually no more than a mere form of plastic.  Sleeping on a waterproof mattress protector gives flash backs of a sweaty night in a cheap motel!

Our pure cotton mattress protectors, not only have a cotton cover but are also cotton filled which makes them far more comfortable to sleep on.   Most mattress protectors you’ll find have a synthetic filling such as polyester.  Polyester, essentially a plastic, does not allow your skin to breathe.  Hard to imagine sleeping on a bed of plastic, particularly in summer when we’re losing moisture through sweat when we sleep.  This moisture has to be able to wick away to prevent you from feeling damp and clammy in bed.  The inherent properties of natural fibres allow the moisture to be wicked away keeping you dry and comfortable during the night. 

A pure cotton mattress protector also helps to keep your mattress clean as unlike your mattress, it's really easy to launder. Machine washable, freshening them up is easy and they can be line dried or popped in the dryer on a low heat. 

The easy fit skirt with stretchy trim means putting them on doesn’t feel like a wrestling session at the gym. It also means the mattress protector doesn’t move around and stays smooth and flat in place.  You don’t have to be the princess in the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale to feel a crumpled mattress protector under your clean sheets.

Single Cotton Mattress Protector $59

Long Single Cotton Mattress Protector $69

King Single Cotton Mattress Protector $69

Double Cotton Mattress Protector $69

Queen Cotton Mattress Protector $79

King Cotton Mattress Protector $89

Super King Cotton Mattress Protector $119