popcorn hand towel driftwood

Product Code: HTPCDW
popcorn hand towel driftwood
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Popcorn bath towels

  • 100% eco cotton popcorn popcorn hand towels with matching bath towels and face washers


  • Always follow the washing instructions and wash separately.
  • Machine washable in warm or cold water
  • Avoid whiteners and bleaching agents as these can cause discoloured patches on your towels.
  • If a pull occurs, simply cut this off as it will not effect the use of the towel.

Size: bath towel 68 x 137cm


Our eco cotton bath range are made without harsh chemicals.

  • No formaldehyde which is used to make cotton bed sheets wrinkle resistant. We do not use this chemical as our sheets are tightly woven to reduce wrinkling.

  • No chlorine bleaches – all our white cotton products are whitened using a non polluting oxygen whitening process.

  • No toxic dyes.

  • No synthetics – polyester is made from oil. Apart from the fact that it is a non renewable resource, polyester does not breathe or absorb moisture which make it very uncomfortable, and difficult to remove residual stains and odours. Many manufacturers,  use other words like “micro fibre” to hide the fact that they are using polyester.
Additional Information

Additional Information

product code HTPCDW
Colour driftwood
size hand towel
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